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The ability to distribute rescue/welfare funds is almost self-explanatory in purpose. However, this important and much needed aspect of the Pomeranian Charitable Trust is  still under development.

Presently funding designated for this purpose has been received by the PCT on a very limited basis. The current PCT policy is to award these funds as they are received to active, known 501 c (3) Pomeranian Rescue organizations for immediate use. Examples of such recipients are  Southern California Pomeranian Rescue and Second Chance Pomeranian Rescue in Texas.

These grants can not go toward an individual's Pom. Nor can they go toward rescue start-up costs nor building or building maintenance. The funds are to go directly toward the care or transportation of Poms which have the need and ability for re-homing. Pomeranian rescue organizations in need of funding may let us know of their specific needs in writing/email. This request should include the average number of rescues they handle each year along with the number completed in the previous year. Since the PCT tries to grant our limited donations as they are received, we might not be able to furnish a worthy request immediately.